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Entity Description

Generic Choreo vehicle used for magical events.


<studio> World model
  • ignoremoveparent
<boolean> Should the player ignore this vehicle's move parent when performing exit checks.
  • ignoreplayer
<boolean> If set, the player won't collide against this vehicle when moving around.


Plays the vehicle's open animation and unlocks the vehicle for entry or exit.
  • Close
Plays the vehicle's close animation and locks the vehicle for entry or exit.
  • EnterVehicle
Forces the activator (or player) into the vehicle.
  • EnterVehicleImmediate
Forces the activator (or player) into the vehicle without enter/exit animations.
  • ExitVehicle
Boots the prisoner out of the vehicle.


Fired when the vehicle is open enough to enter.
  • OnClose
Fired when the vehicle too closed to enter.