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The optional physgun_interactions QC $keyvalues block affects how props are handled by and respond to the Gravity Gun.


	 	preferred_carryangles 	"0 0 0"
	 	onworldimpact 		stick
	 	onfirstimpact 		break
	 	onfirstimpact 		paintsplat
	 	onlaunch 		spin_zaxis
	 	onbreak 		explode_fire
	 	damage 			none


preferred_carryangles <angles>
Sets the angles, relative to the player's orientation, at which the prop will be held when carried.
This is used with the sawblades and propellers in Ravenholm, as well as the turret NPCs in Nova Prospekt.
onworldimpact <choices>
Literal Value Description
stick Prop will embed itself into the world if it hits it after being launched.
onfirstimpact <choices>
Literal Value Description
break Prop should always break on colliding with anything after being launched.
paintsplat Prop applies paint decals to the first thing it hits after being launched.
impale Prop impales whatever it first collides with after being launched. Not used in HL2, and hence unsupported at this time.
onlaunch <choices>
Literal Value Description
<no value> Physgun applies random angular velocity to the prop as it launches.
spin_none Prop does not spin when launched.
spin_zaxis Prop should spin around the Z axis when launched by the physcannon. (e.g. Ravenholm propellers.)
onbreak <choices>
Literal Value Description
explode_fire Prop ignites nearby enemies when it explodes on breaking.
damage <choices>
Literal Value Description
none Prop does not move when 'attacked' with the physgun. It may still take damage, but it won't move due to the impact.