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Skull and crossbones.png

This SP mod for Source is no longer being developed.

-- Project not dead, being built on Unity. Sorry, Valve :P


This is our first project. It's in alpha development and is planned for late summer (August).


Still not clear enough to lay it here. TBD Includes time travel, saving old people and killing baddies :)


  • Super cool time travel
  • Historic plots (WWI, WWII, Stalingrad..)
  • Multiple eras (Wanna be a pirate? A soldier? A knight?)
  • The rest to be determined

Concept art

Main character:



  • AIT AMER MEZIANE Younes, Coder, Level Designer and Shipping Leader. --> Steam Vanity: 3rlite
  • HOYER Allan, Main Tester, Coder. --> Steam Vanity: AGHOXX
  • FREYSSINET Fabien, Main Modeler --> Steam Vanity: booma
  • ROSSINY Florian, Coder, Level Designer, Bug Fixer --> Steam Vanity: J.Deamers

Special Thanks

To my dad, for showing me how computers are cool :)


11/25/2015 -- Compiled mod : started development on Source SDK 2013 SP

Further Information

The mod will have it's own multiplayer if we think people like it enough A steam group will be created

Last updated by 3rlite, 18/11/2015 - Added mod.