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ProDoD is a third-party Day of Defeat: Source mod that builds on the foundation set down by DoD:S. Various key values from DoD:S have been changed to better suit the competitive community. Examples of such changes are gun accuracy, damage, grenade throw distance, bullet puff size, class equipment, and shot distribution.

We hope to restore DoD to its rightful place in the competitive community. This mod is made by the pros for the masses. If you enjoy Day of Defeat: Source, or maybe find it a bit frustrating, this mod is for you!

Theory behind bullet spread - click to enlarge
Bullet spread in action - click to enlarge
New bullet puffs - click to enlarge

Change log

  • Pistol draw animations faster
  • Snipers reload once (strip clip)
  • No muzzle flash (optional)
  • Removed almost all ambient noise
  • New splash screens
  • Light auto and pistol accuracies increased
  • Some weapon damages increased
  • More Pistol Ammo
  • Pistols for every class

New features

  • An automatic update program
  • Anti-cheat and file protection system
  • Personal statistics (independent of servers)
  • Grenade throw distance mimics 1.3
  • Bullet puffs are greatly decreased
  • Grenade stun affect almost completely removed
  • Shot Distribution focuses more on center then any random point
  • Annoying "glide effect" fixed
  • Greater bullet penetration through walls
  • Sniper zoom time decreased
  • Fixed random respawn timers
  • Weapon accuracy/damage/recoil overhaul
  • CVar protection


Development team

  • Gloin - Founder
  • Red Comet - Lead Programmer, Co-Founder
  • GreenElephant - Programmer, Forum Manager
  • Togi - Programmer
  • Pure - Public Relations
  • Moriar - Webmaster
  • Damian - IRC and Forum Moderator
  • Dart - Lead Mapper

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