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Vote page/screen is a page where you evaluate the test chamber you had played from workshop. There you can visit author's page, comment and rate the test chamber.

To make the vote screen appear, you will need to use either triggers or buttons (cube/ball/normal). In other words, you need something to activate it.

With buttons

  1. Place a prop_button, using the entity tool.
  2. Place a func_instance, using an entity tool aswell and go to its properties. Do the following changes:
Property Value
Fix Up Name Vote_screen
VMF Filename instances/p2editor/global_pti_ents.vmf

3. In prop_button's properties, go to Outputs tab and Add the following:

My Output Target Entity Target Input Delay Only Once
OnPressed Vote_screen instance:@relay_pti_level_end;Trigger 0.00 Yes
If you want to make it a floor button, then just put a prop_floor_button instead of prop_button

With triggers

  1. Make a block with the block tool and press Ctrl+T (while you have it selected). Make it trigger_once.
  2. Repeat step 2
  3. Repeat step 3 but with the only change of "OnPressed" to "OnStartTouch"