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To make the vote screen appear, you will need to use either triggers or buttons (cube/ball/normal). In other words, you need something to activate it.

With buttons

  1. Place a prop_button, using the entity tool.
  2. Place a func_instance, using an entity tool aswell and go to its properties. Do the following changes:
Property Value
Fix Up Name Vote_screen
VMF Filename instances/p2editor/global_pti_ents.vmf

3. In prop_button's properties, go to Outputs tab and Add the following:

My Output Target Entity Target Input Delay Only Once
OnPressed Vote_screen instance:@relay_pti_level_end;Trigger 0.00 Yes
If you want to make it a floor button, then just put a prop_floor_button instead of prop_button

With triggers

  1. Make a block with the block tool and press Ctrl+T (while you have it selected). Make it trigger_once.
  2. Repeat step 2
  3. Repeat step 3 but with the only change of "OnPressed" to "OnStartTouch"