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Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
SCENE: TestTwo
- glados Oh no, don't. Anyway, back to you two imbeciles killing me: -1_01
- glados Wait here. Don't go anywhere. I'll be back. -1_02


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
Hobo Turret
-2550 turret Hello? -2550_01
- turret Hello. -2550_03
- turret Excuse me? -2550_04
- turret Hello... -2550_06
- turret Thanks anyway. -2550_07
- turret Hello... -2550_08
- turret Hello. -2550_09
- turret I'm different. -2550_10
-7000 wheatley [commentary] -7000_01


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
Ghost Story
-2500 wheatley Ooh. Dark down here, isn't it. -2500_01
- wheatley They say that the old caretaker of this place... -2500_02
Smelly Humans
-2503 wheatley Here's an interesting story.. (smelly humans story) -2503_01
- wheatley the um.. sorry, that's.. just tending to the humans. -2503_02
- wheatley Sorry about that. That just slipped out. -2503_03
Love Humans
-2504 wheatley Ahh. Humans! Love 'em! -2504_01


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
GLaDOS Battle
-50 glados I honestly didn't think you would fall for that -20_01
- glados In fact, I devised a much more elaborate trap ahead, for when you got through this easy one. -20_02
- glados If I had known it would be this easy, I would have just dangled a turkey leg -20_03
GLaDOS Battle
-53 glados Well, it was nice catching up. Lets get to business. -21_01
- glados I hope you brought something more powerful than the portal gun this time. -21_02
- glados Otherwise you're about to become the past president of the being alive club, ha ha. -21_03
- glados Seriously, though--goodbye. -20_03b
- glados You remember my turrets don't you... oh wait, that's you in 5 seconds. goodbye. -21_04
-700 turret [muffled turret talking] -700_01
- turret dry fire -700_02
- turret it's my big chance! -700_03
- turret dry fire -700_04
- turret This is trouble -700_05
- turret [muffled turret talking while on fire] -700_06
- turret ahhh not again! -700_07
- turret Here it comes, pal! -700_08
- turret Locked and loaded! -700_09
- turret dry fire -700_10
- turret Oh this aint' good -700_11
GLaDOS Turret Deploy
-57 glados My turrets! -22_01
- glados Ohhhhh. You were busy back there. -22_01
- glados I suppose we could just sit in this room and glare at each other until somebody drops dead, but I have a better idea. -22_02
- glados Your old friend, deadly neurotoxin. -22_03
- glados Your old friend, deadly neurotoxin. If I were you, I'd take a deep breath right now and hold it. -22_04
Wheatley neurotoxin ride
-750 wheatley [Wheatley Bounce Pain] -750_01
- wheatley [Wheatley Bounce Pain] -750_02
- wheatley [Wheatley Bounce Pain] -750_03
- wheatley [Wheatley Bounce Pain] -750_04
- wheatley [Wheatley Bounce Pain] -750_05
- wheatley [Wheatley Bounce Pain] -750_06
- wheatley [Wheatley Bounce Pain] -750_07
- wheatley [Wheatley Bounce Pain] -750_08
Wheatley pull me out line
-72 wheatley Pull me out pull me out pull me out! -72_01
Wheatley reply
-73 wheatley Oh yes she is -73_01
Wheatley lands in Chamber
-61 wheatley Hello! -23_01
- glados I hate you so much. -23_02
- announcer Warning: Central core is 80 percent corrupted. [UPGRADED] -23_03
- glados That's funny, I don't feel corrupt. In fact, I feel pretty good. -23_04
- announcer Alternate core detected. [UPGRADED] -23_05
- wheatley That's ME they're talking about! -23_06
- announcer To initiate a core transfer, please deposit substitute core in receptacle. [UPGRADED] -23_07
- glados Core transfer? -23_08
- glados Oh, you are kidding me. -23_09
Wheatley socket plug in start
-760 wheatley I've got an idea! Do what it says, plug me in. -760_01
- glados do not plug that little idiot into my mainframe -760_01a
- wheatley no you should plug that little idiot into the mainframe -760_01b
- glados don't you dare plug him in -760_01c
Wheatley nags start
-761 wheatley [nag] -760_01d
Idle nags
- wheatley [nag] -760_02
- glados [nag] -760_02a
- wheatley [nag] -760_02b
- wheatley [nag] -760_02c
- wheatley [nag] -760_03
- glados [nag] -760_03a
- wheatley [nag] -760_04
- glados [nag] -760_04a
- wheatley [nag] -760_05
- glados [nag] -760_05a
- wheatley [nag] -760_06
- glados [nag] -760_06a
- wheatley [nag] -760_06
- glados [nag] -760_06a
- wheatley [nag] -760_07
- glados [nag] -760_07a
Wheatley Plugged In
-71 announcer Substitute core accepted. [UPGRADED] -24_01
- announcer Substitute core, are you ready to start the procedure? [UPGRADED] -24_02
- wheatley Yes! -24_03
- announcer Corrupted core, are you ready to start the procedure? [UPGRADED] -24_04
- glados No! -24_05
- glados Nonononono! -24_06
- announcer Stalemate detected. Transfer procedure cannot continue. [UPGRADED] -24_07
- glados Yes! -24_08
- announcer ...unless a stalemate associate is present to press the stalemate resolution button. [UPGRADED] -24_09
- wheatley Leave me in! Leave me in! Go press it! -24_10
- glados Don't do it. -24_11
- wheatley Yes, do do it! -24_12
- glados Don't press that button. You don't know what you're doing. -24_13
- wheatley I think she's lying.! -24_14
Stalemate button press nags
-755 wheatley [nag] -755_01
- wheatley [nag] -755_02
- wheatley [nag] -755_03
- wheatley [nag] -755_04
- wheatley [nag] -755_05
Button Denied
-84 glados Not so fast! -25_01
- glados Think about this. -25_02
- glados You need to be a trained stalemate associate to press that button. You're unqualified. I know this sounds like an obvious ploy, but I'm really not joking. -25_03
- wheatley Don't listen to her! It IS true that you don't have the qualifications. But you've got something more important than that. A finger, with which to press that button, so that she won't kill us. -25_04
- glados Impersonating a stalemate associate. I just added that to the list. It's a list I made of all the things you've done. Well, it's a list that I AM making, because you're still doing things right now, even though I'm telling you to stop. Stop, by the way. -25_05
- wheatley I... that's probably correct. But where it is incorrect is while I've been stalling you WE JUST PRESSED THE BUTTON! USE THE MOMENT OF CONFUSION I'VE JUST CREATED TO PRESS THE BUTTON! -25_06
- wheatley Have I ever told you the qualities I love most in you? In order: Number one: resolving things, disputes highest among them. Number one, tied: Button-pushing. -25_07
- wheatley First thing I thought about you... -25_08
- wheatley Don't want to rush you... -25_08a
- wheatley Here's a good idea... -25_09
Stalemate button pressed
-88 glados ahhh! -26_01
- announcer Stalemate Resolved. Core Transfer Initiated. [UPGRADED] -26_02
Wheatley transfer scene
-4 wheatley Here I go! -4_01
- wheatley Wait, what if this hurts? What if this really hurts? -4_02
- glados Oh it will. Believe me, it will. -4_03
- wheatley Are you just saying that, or is it really going to hurt? You're just saying that, no, you're not aren't you, it's really going to hurt, isn't it? -4_04
- wheatley Exactly how much pain are we tAGGGHHH! -4_05
Glados grabbed by arms
-89 glados Get your hands off me! -27_00
-90 glados No no no! -27_01
-91 glados BUT IT COULD BEEEEEAAHHH! -27_03
Glados gibberish nag
-93 glados [gibberish] -28_01
- glados [gibberish] -28_02
- glados [gibberish] -28_03
- glados [gibberish] -28_04
- glados [gibberish] -28_05
- glados [gibberish] -28_06
Wheatley swap completed scene
-9 wheatley Wow, check me out! -5_01
- wheatley We did it! I can't believe we did it! I'm in control of the whole facility now! -5_01a
- wheatley Ha ha ha! Look at me! Not too bad, eh? Giant robot. Massive! -5_02
- wheatley Oh! Right, the escape lift! I'll call it now. -5_03
- wheatley lift called, in you go -5_04
- wheatley - -5_05
- wheatley - -5_07
- wheatley - -5_08
- wheatley - -5_09
- wheatley - -5_10
- wheatley - -5_11
Wheatley elevator nag
-666 wheatley [nag] -666_01
- wheatley [nag] -666_02
- wheatley [nag] -666_03
- wheatley [nag] -666_04
- wheatley [nag] -666_05
- wheatley [nag] -666_06
Wheatley Swap Talk
-13 wheatley Wheatley: I knew it was gonna be cool being in charge of everything, but... WOW, is this cool! This body is amazing! -14_01
- wheatley Wheatley: And check this out! I'm brilliant now! -14_05
- wheatley [spanish] -14_05a
- wheatley I don't know what I just said, but I can find out. -14_05b
- wheatley Oh! The elevator. Sorry. [ elevator moves ] -14_06
- wheatley Seriously, body amazing. -14_07
- wheatley Wow, look how small you are! -14_08
- wheatley But I'm HUGE. [evil laugh] Where did THAT come from? -14_09
- wheatley hahahah... whew... Actually... why do we have to leave right now? -14_10
- wheatley Do you have any idea how good this feels? -14_11
- wheatley I did that! Me! -14_13
- glados You didn't do anything. SHE did all the work. -14_14
- glados You didn't do anything. SHE did all the work. -14_15
- wheatley Oh really? -14_16
- wheatley Well, maybe it's time I DID something, then. -14_17
- glados What are you doing? -14_18
- glados No! -14_20
- glados No! -14_21
- glados No! -14_22
Wheatley talks to player while PotatOS is being made
-33 wheatley I'm on to you too, lady. .. who's the boss? Little old Wheatley! -10_01
Wheatley displays potato battery for first time
-34 wheatley Ah! -11_01
- wheatley See that? -11_02
- wheatley THAT is a potato battery. Now you live in it. -11_03
- wheatley [chuckles] -11_04
- glados I know you. -11_05
Elevator moron scene
-37 wheatley What? -12_01
- glados The engineers tried everything to make me... behave. To slow me down. -12_07
- glados Once, they even attached an Intelligence Dampening Sphere on me. It clung to my brain like a tumor, generating an endless stream of terrible ideas. -12_08
- wheatley No! I'm not listening! I'm not listening! -12_09
- glados It was your voice. -12_10
- wheatley No! No! You're LYING! You're LYING! -12_11
- glados Yes. You're the tumor. -12_12
- glados You're not just a regular moron. You were designed to be a moron. -12_12a
- wheatley I am smart! I'm not a moron! -12_13
- wheatley How about NOW? Now who's a moron? -12_15
- glados I hate to tell you this... -12_16
Announcer nag
-45 announcer Please return to the core transfer bay -45_01
Elevator conclusion
-44 wheatley Could a moron punch you into this pit? How about if I PUNCHED.YOU.INTO.THIS.PIT. Huh? Who's a moron now? -13_01
- wheatley uh oh. -13_02


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
-100 wheatley Alright, we took out her turrets. Now lets take out her toxin. -100_01
Science Fair
-101 wheatley Bring your daughter to work day. That did not end well. -101_01
- wheatley And 40 potato batteries. Embarassing. -101_02
-102 wheatley Pretty sure we're going the right way. Just to reassure you. -102_01
-103 wheatley Don't worry i'm absolutely guaranteeing you it is this way. Ah, It's not this way. -103_01
-104 wheatley Definitely sure it's this way. Not entirely sure. I don't know where it is. -104_01


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
- wheatley Hey, partner. I knew you'd be comin' through this shaft, so I talked my way onto this nanobot work crew over here that's rebuildin' it. They're REALLY small, so they got tiny little brains. But there's a billion of 'em, so it's only a matter of time -2_01
- wheatley Hold on... I'm on BREAK, Jerry. -2_02
- wheatley Anyway, look, we're real close to bustin' out. So just hang in there for five more chambers. -2_03
NanoBots 2
- wheatley Ow! -3_01
- wheatley What? You can't fire me! -3_02
- wheatley Well, JERRY -- maybe your prejudiced worksite could have accommodated a nanobot of my size! You'll be hearing from my lawyer! Thanks for the HATE CRIME, Jerry! -3_03
- wheatley We're not actually going to sue them, I just don't want them to report this. I don't even HAVE a lawyer. In fact, if I EVER retain counsel, I will DIE. Oh, I gotta go. I'll see you soon. -3_04


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
Cube Fizzle 1
-200 glados Oh. Did I accidentally fizzle that before you could complete the test? I'm sorry. -200_01
Cube Fizzle 1a
-201 glados Go ahead and grab another one so that it won't also fizzle and you won't look stupid again. -201_01
-202 glados Go ahead. I PROMISE not to fizzle it this time. -202_01
Cube Fizzle 2
-203 glados Oh. No. I fizzled that one too. -203_01
-204 glados Oh well. We have warehouses FULL of the things. Absolutely worthless. I'm happy to get rid of them. -204_01
- glados Every test chamber is equiped with a fizzler. This one is broken. sp_a2_pit_flingsCubeSmuggleEnding01
- glados Don't take anything with you. sp_a2_pit_flingsCubeSmuggleEnding02
Cube Fizzle 3
-205 glados Go ahead. This time I promise you'll look incrementally less stupid than the previous two times in which you looked incredibly stupid. -205_01
Cube Smuggled
-206 glados I think that one was about to say "I love you." They ARE sentient, of course. We just have a LOT of them. -206_01
Player Stuck dialogue
-207 glados Player got stuck, glados taunts then spawns another cube -207_01
- glados go ahead and grab another one -207_02


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
-300 glados Oh, sorry. Some of these test chambers haven't been cleaned in ages. -300_01
-301 glados So sometimes there's still trash in them. Standing around. Smelling, and being useless. -301_01
-302 glados Try to avoid the garbage hurtling towards you. -302_01
-303 glados Don't TEST with the garbage. It's garbage. -303_01
-304 glados Press the button again. -304_01


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
birthday surprise
-400 glados initiating surprise in 3...2...1. -400_01
- glados I made it all up -401_01
- glados surprise. -402_01
- glados your parents are probably dead. ...i doubt they'd want to see you. -403_01


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
-500 glados Perfect, the door's malfunctioning. I guess somebody's going to have to repair that too. [beat] No, don't get up. I'll be right back. Don't touch anything. -500_00
-501 wheatley Hey! Hey! Up here! -500_01
- wheatley I found some bird eggs up here. Just dropped 'em into the door mechanism. Shut it right down. I--AGH! -500_02
- wheatley BIRD BIRD BIRD BIRD -500_03
- wheatley [out of breath] Okay. That's probably the bird, isn't it? That laid the eggs! Livid! -500_04
- wheatley Okay, look, the point is, we’re gonna break out of here! Very soon, I promise! -500_05
- wheatley I just have to figure out how. -500_06
- wheatley Here she comes! Just keep testing! Remember, you never saw me! -500_07


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
-950 glados Nevermind. I have to go... check something. Test on your own recognizance. I'll be back. -50_01


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
Wheatley Door 1 nags
-600 wheatley Hello? -600_01
- wheatley Helloooo? -600_02
- wheatley Are you going to open the door? At any time? -600_03
- wheatley Hello? Can y--no? -600_05
- wheatley Are you going to open this door? Because it's fairly urgent. -600_07
- wheatley Oh, just open the door! [to self] That's too aggressive. [loud again] Hello, friend! Why not open the door? -600_08
- wheatley [to self] Hm. Could be Spanish, could be Spanish. [loud again] Hola, amigo! Abre la puerta! Donde esta--no. Um... -600_09
- wheatley Fine! No, absolutely fine. It's not like I don't have, you know, ten thousand other test subjects begging me to help them escape. You know, it's not like this place is about to EXPLODE. -600_11
- wheatley Alright, look, okay, I'll be honest. You're the LAST test subject left. And if you DON'T help me, we're both going to die. Alright? I didn't want to say it, you dragged it out of me. Alright? Dead. Dos Muerte. -600_12
Wheatley Door 2 nags
-601 wheatley Hello! -601_01
- wheatley Helloooooooooooo! -601_02
- wheatley Come on! -601_03
- wheatley Open the door! -601_04
- wheatley Hello! -601_05
Wheatley Greet
-602 wheatley YES! I KNEW someone was alive in here! -602_01
- wheatley AGH! You look TERRIB--you look good. Looking good, actually. If I'm honest. -602_02
- wheatley there's PLENTY of time to recover. Just take it slow. -602_04
- wheatley Don't panic! Prepare. That's all they're saying. I'm going to get us out of here. -602_06
- wheatley - -602_07
Announcer Prepare
- announcerglados please prepare for emergency evacuation [UPGRADED] -608_01
-603 wheatley Simple word. 'Apple'. -603_01
- wheatley Just say 'Apple'. Classic. Very simple. -603_02
- wheatley Ay. Double Pee-Ell-Ee. -603_03
- wheatley Just say 'Apple'. Easy word, isn't it? 'Apple'. -603_04
- wheatley How would you use it in a sentence? "Mmm, this apple's crunchy," you might say. And I'm not even asking you for the whole sentence. Just the word 'Apple'. -603_05
Wheatley Explanation
-607 wheatley Let me explain. Most test subjects do experience some cognitive deterioration after a few months in suspension. -607_01
- wheatley Straight away you're thinking, "Oo, that doesn't sound good. But don't be alarmed, alright? Because ah... well, actually, if you DO feel alarmed, hold onto that. -607_02
- wheatley Do you understand what I'm saying? Does any of this make sense? Just tell me 'Yes'. -607_03
Close Enough
-604 wheatley Okay, you know what? That's close enough. Just hold tight. -604_01


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
- wheatley Ohhhhhh! '-605_02'
-605 wheatley Good news: that is NOT a docking station. So there's one mystery solved. I'm going to attempt a manual override on this wall. Could get a bit technical! Hold on! -605_01
Room Ride
-606 wheatley Alright, I wasn't going to mention this to you, but I am in PRETTY HOT WATER here. -606_01
- wheatley How you doing down there? You still holding on? -606_02
- wheatley The reserve power ran out, so of course the whole relaxation center stops waking up the bloody test subjects. -606_03
- wheatley Hold on! This is a bit tricky! -606_04
- wheatley And of course nobody tells ME anything. No. -606_05
- wheatley Anyway, why should I be kept informed about the life functions of the ten thousand bloody test subjects I'm supposed to be in charge of? Why would you mention it to me? -606_06
- wheatley Oi, it's close... can you see? Am I gonna make it through? Have I got enough space? -606_07
- wheatley Agh, just... I just gotta get it through here... -606_08
- wheatley Okay, I've just gotta concentrate! -606_09
- wheatley And whose fault do you think it's going to be when the management comes down here and finds ten thousand flipping vegetables? -606_10


Index Character Voice Line Unique Key
-2570 glados Oops. You trapped yourself. I guess that's it then. Thanks for testing. You may as well lie down and get acclimated to the being dead position. -2570_01
- glados I'm kidding. Not about you trapping yourself, though. That really happened. Here, I'll raise the glass. Go on... Finish the test. -2570_02