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{{DISPLAYTITLE:Portal 2 Puzzle Maker: Turret}}
{{DISPLAYTITLE:Portal 2 Puzzle Maker: Turret}}
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[[File:AP Turret.jpg|right|thumb|150px|Aperture Science floor turret as seen in [[Portal]].]]
[[File:AP Turret.jpg|right|thumb|150px|Aperture Science floor turret as seen in [[Portal]].]]

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This article contains content specific to the Portal 2 Puzzle Maker. For the Authoring Tools equivalent, see npc_portal_turret_floor.
Aperture Science floor turret as seen in Portal.

Turrets are hazards which will automatically target any player within their range and field of view (designated in the editor by a shaded red cone when the turret is selected). After a short delay they will fire on the player with dual machine guns; if the player leaves their line of sight they will remain on alert for a short time before going back to "sleep".

The player can neutralize them by tipping them over (either by picking them up or indirectly through the use of a testing element), dropping them in Goo, igniting them with a Laser Beam, causing them to pass through a Fizzler, or indirectly by splashing them with Repulsion Gel (which causes them to bounce around uncontrollably).

Item Properties

Entity Cost: 3

This item has no options to set.

Item Functions

Turrets can be precisely rotated in any direction. To constrain rotation to 15-degree increments, hold down Shift while rotating.


Turrets must be placed on an unoccupied solid surface--the editor will not permit them to be placed mid-air or within a Goo pit.

In addition to unoccupied solid floors, valid placements for turrets include:

  • Glass or Angled Panels that start deployed at 90 degrees
    • Both will support a turret on the flat side if used as a floor; the turret will fall when the panel is retracted
  • Glass or Grating
    • Both will support a turret if used as a floor
  • Piston Platforms
    • Use with care--moving platforms can sometimes tip over turrets standing on them
  • In the path of a Laser or Tractor Beam, active or not
    • The turret will be affected by either beam as soon as the beam is activated

Invalid placement surfaces include:

  • Standing on Flip Panels, Angled Panels which do not start deployed, Stairs (deployed or not) or Faith Plates
    • These require space to activate/deploy, and do not permit anything to be placed in the square in front of them
  • Standing on a Weighted, Cube or Sphere Button; on a floor-mounted Laser Emitter, Catcher or Relay; or on a Light Strip in one of its two center positions
    • All of these testing elements have geometry that extends into the adjacent square and conflicts with the turret
  • In the same square as any other free-standing physics object such as another turret or any type of cube
    • Two objects cannot occupy the same location
  • Mid-air Light Bridges
    • These do not activate until shortly after the player enters the level, by which point the turret would have fallen
  • Directly in the path of a Fizzler or Laser Field
    • Both Wall Hazards are considered to occupy the space between their emitters


The turret will say a "Hello" type quote when selected, and will say a "Goodbye" type quote when deselected.