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== Item Properties ==
== Item Properties ==
[[Portal 2 Puzzle Maker/Common Issues#Item Entity Costs|Entity Cost]]: '''13''', plus ??? per square of track  ({{todo|further investigation needed}})
* Connect to...
* Connect to...

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Track Platforms are a testing element in Portal 2. They can move in straight vertical or horizontal paths across walls, floors and the ceilings of the test chamber.

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Editor Adjustments

When placing a Track Platform in a map, up to four arrows appear around it, depending if there is space available around the Platform. Clicking and dragging these arrows will produce the rail the Track Platform moves on. The Platform will be placed facing upwards initially, but its orientation can be changed by dragging the adjustment gizmo that is overlaying the Platform.

Item Properties

Entity Cost: 13, plus ??? per square of track (To do: further investigation needed)

  • Connect to...
    • Opens a pointer to select a test element that activates the Track Platform.
  • Remove connections
    • Shows existing connections to other test elements and allows to delete these.
  • Rail oscillate
    • If checked, the Track Platform will go back and forth between the start and end of its rail when activated. If unchecked, activating the Platform will make it move to the end of its rail and stay there. The Platform will then only move back to the start of its rail when unactivated.
  • Start active
    • If checked, the Track Platform will move on its own without needing to be activated.
  • Delete item
    • Deletes the Track Platform.
  • Portalable
    • Checking or unchecking this option has no effect on the Track Platform as it has a glass surface.
  • Pull surface
    • Moves the selected Track Platform further into the room together with the wall block behind it.
  • Push surface
    • Pushes the selected Track Platform out of the room together with the wall block behind it.