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This article contains content specific to the Portal 2 Puzzle Maker. For the Authoring Tools equivalent, see Thermal Discouragement Beam and prop_weighted_cube.

Reflection Cubes are test elements in the Portal 2 Editor. They share many properties with Weighted Storage Cubes, such as activating cube buttons, but they can also reflect Thermal Discouragement Beams.

Item Properties:

Entity Cost: 4

-Cube Type: Standard, Companion, Refection, Sphere, Franken

-Dropper Enabled: Whether or not a dropper will spawn above the cube

-Auto Drop First Cube: When checked/enabled, the dropper will automatically drop a cube after entering the test chamber.

-Auto Respawn Cube: When checked/enabled, the dropper will automatically drop another cube after the last cube is destroyed.

Connection: Only the box dropper can receive connections from buttons and other switches.

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