Portal 2 Puzzle Maker: Piston Platform

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The Piston Platform in the Puzzle Maker.
The Piston Platform in-game.

Piston Platforms are testing elements in Portal 2. They move vertically in 128 unit increments, up to a limit of 384 vertical units.

Item Properties

Entity Cost: 44

Item Properties

Entity Cost: 8

  • Connect to...
    • Opens a pointer to select a test element that activates the Piston Platform.
  • Remove connections
    • Shows existing connections to other test elements and allows to delete these.
  • Delete item
    • Deletes the Piston Platform.
  • Portalable
    • If checked, the small frame that is left around the base of the Piston Platform becomes white. If unchecked, it becomes black. This is only a change of the appearance, it has no effect on the gameplay.
  • Pull surface
    • Moves the selected Piston Platform further into the room together with the wall/ceiling/floor block behind it.
  • Push surface
    • Pushes the selected Piston Platform out of the room together with the wall/ceiling/floor block behind it.

Editor Adjustments

  • The height the platform raises to can be adjusted by dragging the arrow above the platform up and down.


  • The raised height of the platform cannot be altered from the value set in the editor via inputs.
  • Be wary of exceeding the item limit when using Piston Platforms--they consume the most entities of any testing element.