Portal 2 Puzzle Maker/Logic Gates

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It is possible to make some basic logic gates on the Puzzle maker.

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AND Logic

To achieve AND logic just connect two buttons to one item


To make a latch first place a button. Connect this button to a laser emitter lined up with a laser catcher. Wire the laser catcher to a second laser emitter with it's beam lined up on a laser relay. On the other side of the relay place another laser emitter and connect it to the relay. Finally connect all the components you wish to connect to your latch to the relay.

If there are too many components that you want to connect to your relay make a laser emitter lined up with a laser catcher or relay. Wire the emitter to the relay from the latch and then connect the components you need to attach to the latch to the laser catcher or relay depending on what you placed.

Resetable Latches

Create a basic latch but extend the laser that is power by the relay two blocks back and place a moving panel between the relay and the laser. Next connect the panel to a reset button and the relay

OR Logic

To create OR logic place a laser relay and a laser emitter on each side of the relay, up to four, make a latch for each of the emitters. Now connect your buttons to the latches and the items you want OR control on get connected to the laser relay.

If there are too many components connected to your relay and you need to connect more place a laser emitter lined up with a laser catcher or relay. Connect the relay from the OR gate to your laser emitter and the laser catcher or relay gets connected to your items.


Basic Delayers

Basic delayers or uncontrollable delayers are created by placing an excursion funnel with a box button at the end of it. Place a box dropper above the excursion funnel, make sure that "auto drop first cube" and "auto respawn cube" are disabled. The length of the delay is changed by how far away the box dropper is from the button.

Advanced Delayers

Advanced delayers or controllable delayers are very complex. First create four raised blocks on one side place two laser catchers and on the other two laser emitters. Place a button, the one that you want to start the delay, and connected it to the first laser. The laser catcher that faces the first laser should be connected to the second laser emitter. The second laser emitter should be set to on by default, so that when the laser gets powered it turns off, this creates a NOT gate. Now create a basic latch (non-resetable) and connect the input to the button you are using at the start of the delay. The output should be connected to a basic delayer, as detailed above, the delayer should have a one block space between the button and the dropper. Next create the item you want to use as you output and connect the box button from the basic delayer to it and also connect the second laser catcher. To control the length of the delay change the button "on" time.