Portal 2 Puzzle Maker: Laser Emitter

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This article contains content specific to the Portal 2 Puzzle Maker. For the Authoring Tools equivalent, see Thermal Discouragement Beam and env_portal_laser.
The Laser Emitter in the Puzzle Maker.
The Laser test elements in-game.

The Laser Emitter is a testing element in Portal 2. It emits a laser into a room at a 90 degree angle to the wall on which it is placed. The laser can be used to activate Laser Relays and Laser Catchers. The laser can be redirected using the Reflection Cube or through portals. The laser is harmful to the player, though touching it is not immediately fatal. The laser can pass through both Glass and Grating.


Entity Cost: 6

  • Connect To....
  • Start Enabled
    • Designates whether or not the Laser Emitter is active at map start. If checked, any inputs will switch the laser off.


The Laser Emitter is placed by dragging the icon from the left hand panel into the desired position in the editor. It cannot be placed on a wall adjacent to the entrance or exit or an Observation Room. The Laser Emitter's position within a tile can be tweaked by dragging the diamond-shaped gadget the appears when it is selected.