Portal 2 Puzzle Maker: Indicator Lights

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This article contains content specific to the Portal 2 Puzzle Maker. For the Authoring Tools equivalent, see Indicator_Lights_(Portal_2).
The automatically placed Indicator Lines. Notice how Light Strips can be used to force a different path for them.

Indicator Lights are lines of small colored dots which the editor automatically generates when a connection is created between two items. They are blue when the connection is inactive, and orange when activated. In order for the editor to create indicator lights between two items, it must be able to plot an uninterrupted path along the surfaces between the activator and the target test element. If for any reason the editor cannot plot such a path, or if there are already too many connections in the puzzle, the indicator lights will be replaced by a pair of matching white symbols at both ends of the connection.

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Indicator lights are generated automatically by the editor, and cannot be placed, moved or removed directly. However, the course they take can be influenced by placing items which block them, such as Light Strips or Goo pits. Experienced puzzle maker users can use this to good effect in order to clean up an otherwise confusing tangle of indicator lights in complex puzzles.

Additionally, since indicator lights with complex paths are known to have an impact on the entity usage of the map, isolating a testing element with many connections can force the editor to display those connections as symbols instead; this can help with the too many items error. This should be done with careful thought to avoid creating a confusing or unintuitive puzzle, as the indicator lights serve the important purpose of clearly showing players the relationships between testing elements.