Portal 2 Puzzle Maker/Getting Started

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Portal 2 Puzzle Maker

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Test chamber surfaces

Editing surfaces

To edit a chamber surface, select one or more tiles using your mouse, then click and drag at the edge of the selection, where the resizing cursor appears. You can also use keyboard commands; press the - button to pull the surface inwards, and the + button to push it away.

Drag-select surfaces on different planes to select a whole volume. This volume can be resized by dragging the circular handle. While having a volume selected, press + to fill it out and - to carve it away.

Surface Portalability

To change surface portalability, select the surfaces you want to change and press P. This will switch between the standard white panel and the non-portable dark gray panel.

Placing and manipulating items

Placing items

To open the item palette, move your mouse cursor to the far left side of the screen. This panel lists every item available in the editor. To place an item, just left click it at the item panel and move your mouse to where you want to place the item, then release the mouse button. Most items have different sorts of sliders and handles used to fine-tune their position.

Item properties

To edit an item's properties, right click it to bring up the item editing pop-up. Keep in mind that not all items have any settings to change.

Connecting items

To connect two items, select an item, press K, then select the item you want to connect it to. To disconnect them again, right click one of the items and

A button can be connected to multiple items and will trigger all of them at once. Connecting multiple buttons to one item, on the other hand, requres all of the buttons enabled to trigger the item effect.

Portal 2 Puzzle Maker