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Portal 2 Puzzle Maker

Test chamber surfaces

Wall manipulation

To edit a chamber surface simply select it with a left mouse click and drag at it's sides where the double arrow symbol appears. To extrude a surface use + and -. + moves the selected surface closer to the camera and - does the opposite, moving the surface further from the camera.


To change a surfaces portability select the surfaces you want to change and press P. This will change the selected white portable surface area into the gray area you can't place portals on or gray areas to white areas that you can place portals on.

Placing and manipulating items

Placing items

To place items move your mouse cursor over to the far left hand side of the screen in the middle. This will open the item panel. The item panel is a list of all the items you can place. To place an item just left click on it and move your mouse to where you want to place the item, notice the ghost object following your cursor, and right click again.

Manipulating items

If you move your mouse cursor to the edge of the selected item selection box the double arrow symbol will appear this does exactly the same thing as the double arrow in wall manipulation, moves the wall in the direction you click and drag in, this is very useful for when you want to make a raised platform the same size as the item you are putting on it.

Editing items characteristics


To edit an items characteristics right click on the item, note not all items have characteristics, this will bring up characteristic editing pop-out. To change something just left click the thing you want to change it's pretty straight forward.

Faith plates

Why am I mentioning these separately? It's because to edit these you drag the yellow orb to adjust the trajectory. There is no right click options for a faith plate.

Connecting items

Connecting items???

Connecting items is required to make a level work but it is very easy. Connecting allows you to use button to operate other components such as paint droppers

How to connect items

There is two ways you can connect items to each other the first one is to right click either of the two objects you wish to connect, left click connect and then left click on the item you wish to connect to. Note that an item can have more than one connection, example one button to drop two cubes. The second way is much faster: first select one of the items you wish to connect, next press K and then left click on the item you want to connect to.

Written by Egalogalis

Portal 2 Puzzle Maker