Portal 2 Puzzle Maker/Common Issues

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If when you try to build your level you get an error that says unable to build level it is most likely you have created something the editor can't render.

Examples of this is:

- Creating a block and dragging glass so that in is in the space next to the block but touching the block. The game puts them in at similar point and they will clip in game and the editor can't build it (If you were using hammer and you clipped objects they would work fine. In fact this is how the breakable walls in left 4 dead 2 work.) to fix it just simply move the glass so it doesn't touch any blocks.

- Having too many items on your map. To fix this just remove some items on your map.

- If you have Authoring Tools/SDK (Portal 2) installed verify the game files. Do this by opening steam and right clicking on it press properties, local files, VERIFY INTEGRITY OF TOOL CACHE. It do a small load then download any broken or missing files.