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This portal focuses on [[Portal 2]] level design using its [[Authoring Tools/SDK (Portal 2)|authoring tools]]. For other mapping articles, see [[:Category:Level Design|Level Design]].
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==[[Level Design Introduction (Portal 2)|Introduction]]==
* [[Getting_Started:fr|Pour bien commencer]]
* [[Your_First_Level:fr|Votre premier niveau]]
* [[Gotchas:fr|Pièges]]
* [[Level Transition (Portal 2):fr|Transition des niveaux]]
* [[Releasing A Portal 2 Map:fr|Publier un niveau]]
* [[Testing Portal 2 Co-Op Maps Alone:fr|Tester un niveau coop seul]]
* [[Creating a Portal 2 Coop Map:fr|Créer une map portal 2 en Coop]]
* [[Game Mechanics (Portal 2):fr|Mécanique du jeu]]
* [[Behind the Scenes (Portal 2):fr|Dans les coulisses]]
* [[Clean (Portal 2):fr|Propre]]
* [[Destroyed (Portal 2):fr|Détruit]]
* [[Underground (Portal 2):fr|Underground]]
* [[List of Portal 2 Entities|List of Entities]]
* [[List of Portal 2 Script Functions|List of Functions]]
* [[List of Portal 2 Instances|List of Instances]]
* [[List of Portal 2 Levels|List of Levels]]
* [[List of Portal 2 Movies|List of Movies]]
* [[List of Portal 2 Particles|List of Particles]]
* [[List of Portal 2 Skies|List of Skies]]
* [[List of Portal 2 Soundscapes|List of Soundscapes]]
* [http://www.thinkwithportals.com Portal 2]
* [http://list.valvesoftware.com/mailman/listinfo/p2mapper Mailing List]
* [http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=1129 Steam Users' Forums]
<!-- Please leave the Valve websites on top in their current order, and the rest in alphabetical order. -->
* [http://myaperturelabs.com/ My Aperture Labs]
* [http://www.p2mods.com/ P2Mods.com] | [http://wiki.p2mods.com/index.php?title=Main_Page P2Mods Mapping Wiki]
* [http://www.thinkingwithportals.com/ ThinkingWithPortals.com]
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*[[Button (Portal 2)|Button]]
*[[Cube (Portal 2)|Cube]]
*[[Discouragement Beam]]
*[[Diversity Vent]]
*[[Test Door (Portal 2)|Door]]
*[[Emancipation Grid]]
*[[Excursion Funnel]]
*[[Faith Plate]]
*[[Fling (Portal 2)|Fling]]
*[[Gel (Portal 2)|Gel]]
*[[Hard Light]]
*[[Pit (Portal 2)|Pit]]
*[[Discouragement Field]]
*[[Slime Water]]
*[[Turret (Portal 2)|Turret]]
* [[Disassembler]]
* [[Disc Room]]
* [[Coop Door (Portal 2)|Door]]
* [[Coop Spawn (Portal 2)|Spawn]]
* [[Catwalk (Portal 2)|Catwalk]]
* [[Conveyor (Portal 2)|Conveyor]]
* [[Elevator (Portal 2)|Elevator]]
* [[Pumping Station]]
* [[Glass Light (Portal 2)|Glass Light]]
* [[Heavy Door (Portal 2)|Heavy Door]]
* [[Observation Room]]
* [[Screen (Portal 2)|Screen]]
* [[Security Camera]]
* [[Test Sign]]
* [[Vital Apparatus Vent]]
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