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Portal 2 Lab Rat follows the story of Doug Ratmann. Ratmann is a hard-working scientist at Aperture Science Laboratories. He has lurked the depths of the test chambers leaving his mark where he see fit. Then lending a helping hand to test subjects in need. The test subject that has stood out the most, is Chell. He has helped her from the shadows while she destroyed Glados, the Genetic Lifeform Disc Operating system, then put her into the long sleep for when her time would come again. Her time has now come, and you must help her escape from deep under ground to the bright, burning, sunlight at the surface.

The Development Team

  1. Douglas Hoogland (TopHATTwaffle) - Lead Single player design and Level Design, Project Lead
  2. Max Giddens - Level Designer
  3. Robert Harmon (Lethys) - Animator, Writer
  4. Raul Garcia (raulness) - Composer and Sound Designer


Who we are looking for:

  1. Modelers, we really need these...
  2. Mappers/Level designers
  3. Don't see your position here? Tell us in an email what your skills are!

Think you're a good fit for the team? Send a e-mail to: [email protected] Tell us why we need you on the team!

External Links

Portal 2 Lab Rat ModDB page

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Portal 2 Lab Rat ScreenShot
Portal 2 Lab Rat ScreenShot
Portal 2 Lab Rat ScreenShot