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(bink isn't new. they used it in portal and bink is credited in the video settings menu in every source game.)
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; [[render_blobs|Blob particles]]
; [[render_blobs|Blob particles]]
: Used to render paint.
: Used to render paint.
; [[Vgui_movie_display | Video playback]] on [[material]]s
: Added support to render [[Wikipedia:Bink Video|Bink Video]] in-game on surfaces.
== Availability ==
== Availability ==

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The Portal 2 Engine Branch was introduced with [Portal 2] Portal 2 in 2011. It succeeds the Alien Swarm engine branch.


New since the Alien Swarm branch is:

Improved shadow mapping
The entity env_projectedtexture is significantly improved. Compared to previous implementations, it has higher default resolution, better edge filtering and support for the caching of shadows from static objects.
Sound operators
For defining complex audio behaviour.
Blob particles
Used to render paint.


Source code for this branch is not available. However, authoring tools exist for custom content.