Portal: Stay Inside

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This third-party mod for the Source Engine is currently in the pre-Alpha Development Stage. A public download isn't available quite yet.


Portal: Stay Inside is a third-party modification for VALVe's Portal by me, GLaDOS. It contains a series of puzzles just like the original Portal, but one of my priorities is to add a deeper storyline. I am (as of February 2009) still in the EARLIEST stages of developement; I haven't even finished a single map yet.

Who's Working on This Thing?

As of now, I'm the only person who is working on Portal: Stay Inside. This is mainly because I'm very busy, and I don't have much time to devote to the mod.

So What Makes This so Special?

This mod has some of the usual stuff, like custom materials. It probably will have none but the simplest models, as I'm currently using Google Sketchup as my modelmaking program. I might, if I have the time, learn the basics of XSI, but for now I'm content with Sketchup. The program I use to convert *.skp files into *.mdl files doesn't make a collision hull, so I'll probably have to parent nodraw func_physboxes to the custom prop_dynamics. (For the record, that's a trick I learned from Portal: Prelude--Thanks, Prelude team!)

I'm also intoducing some new concepts, such as timed box buttons. (I know I could just use a switch, but hey--I thought it would be cool.) I'd love to introduce new puzzle designs or game elements, but I can't do anything with coding because I've barely mastered the C++ "Hello World" program.

So What's Next?

If all goes well, I'd like to have a website/blog up and running for the mod. I'd also (obviously--isn't this the dream of any developer?) like to have VALVe take notice of the mod once it's public.

Media, etc...

I wasn't planning on posting anything this early, but I might post a screenshot soon.

EDIT: First Screenshot is here! This is a REALLY early one; I don't even know if the chamber will keep its current structure. (This is the fourth or fifth version of the chamber anyway.)

A preliminary screenshot.

A Final Note

Please leave any questions or anything on the talk page--I'll be checking this article freely. I will also be, most likely, modifying this page very often.