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This mod for Source is currently in alpha development.


Portal: Combat is a total conversion of Portal 2 created by Nadestorm Entertainment. The main feature that got added to the usual Portal gameplay are weapons. The mod currently is in early alpha stage, some of the contributors to the mod worked on other well-known mods before. Additional, Portal: Combat features a complete own soundtrack, created by wauterboi.


  • Unique combat system that goes hand-in-hand with the usual Portal feeling and gameplay
  • Over 100 test chambers which only cover half of the game
  • Lots of easter eggs, because we know you love them


We're currently reviving which pictures would fit best here.


The mod got started 2009 and is constantly increasing content since there.


Role Name
Leadership A.M.M.D. & BloodRaven
Music composer wauterboi
Sound artist Durk
Level Designer Speed, Neclipse, emetalce
3D Artists Disables, fdslk, Snyncing, kfhammond, sonnhalter
Plotline A.M.M.D. BloodRaven, Hakamutsi
Voice Actors BlueFlash, artis_star_tour, Angela J.
Translators (German-English) Moonraise, Chaosmaster

Localized versions

Portal: Combat will be completly in English.

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