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'''point_viewproxy''' это [[Point_entity|точечная энтити]], доступная в [[Portal 2]].
==Описание энтити==
A special kind of [[point_viewcontrol]] that follows the player with an offset.
This was used in the intro of the single player campaign in portal 2 to separate the player view geometry from the player collision geometry while still allowing the player to move in the moving room.
{{KV|Offset type |choices|How the player's view moves to the view of the camera.}}
:* 0 : Snap to camera
:* 1 : Ease to camera
:* 2 : Keep offset
{{KV|Proxy Entity|target_destination|Name of the entity that the camera uses to translate the view.}}
{{KV|Attachment Point|target_destination|Use this attachment on the proxy's parent for position and orientation.}}
{{KV|Tilt Fraction|float|How much the angle of the proxy affects the angle of the view. 0.0 will keep the players view angles unmodified. 1.0 will add in the whole tilt from the proxy.}}
{{KV|Use Fake Acceleration|boolean|If the player maintains an offset from the proxy apply fake acceleration on the player based on the movement of the proxy.}}
{{KV|Skew Acceleration Forward|boolean|If this is set fake acceleration will be more noticeable in the direction of the proxy.}}
{{KV|Acceleration Scalar|float|Multiply the fake acceleration by this ammount.}}
{{KV|Ease Angles To Camera|boolean|Move the player's angles to the camera - this will stop them from looking around.}}
{{KV Targetname}}
{{KV Angles}}
{{KV Parentname}}
* 4 : Freeze Player
* 32 : Make Player non-solid
{{IO|Enable|Enable the view proxy, and start modifying the player's view.}}
{{IO|Disable|Disable the view proxy, and start modifying the player's view.}}
{{IO|TeleportPlayerToProxy|Move the player to the view proxy.}}
{{I Targetname}}
{{I Parentname}}
{{O Targetname}}

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