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Entity Description

A camera entity that controls the player's view. While it's active, the player will see out of the camera.

This class appears to have some bugs. Please see its discussion page for notes.


<target_destination> Name of the entity that the camera should point at and track while active.
  • targetattachment
<string> If set, the camera will focus on the specified attachment on the 'Entity to Look At'.
  • wait
<integer> The amount of time the camera should control the player's view for, after which it deactivates itself. If the camera should stay active until told to deactive, set the 'Infinite Hold Time' spawnflag.
  • moveto
<target_destination> The first path corner in a track that the camera should move along once it's activated. If not specified, the camera won't move.
  • speed
<integer> The starting speed that the camera moves at, if it's on a path track.
  • acceleration
<integer> The speed at which the camera accelerates to path corner's desired speeds.
  • deceleration
<integer> The speed at which the camera decelerates to path corner's desired speeds.


  • 1 : Start At Player (Start the camera at the player's position. This is kind of buggy, because it breaks the camera movement if the player is still moving when this is activated.)
  • 2 : Follow Player. (This is the same as if you set the lookat target to !player.)
  • 4 : Freeze Player (Stop recognizing input from the player.)
  • 8 : Infinite Hold Time (Ignore the hold time, and stay activated until explicitly disabled.)
  • 16 : Snap to goal angles
  • 32 : Make Player non-solid
  • 64 : Interruptable by Player (If the player presses +Use, disable.)


Enable the point_viewcontrol, and start controlling the player's view.
  • Disable
Disable the point_viewcontrol, and stop controlling the player's view.


Fired when the point_viewcontrol deactivates, due to the Disable input being received, the Entity to Look At being destroyed, or the Hold Time expiring.