Point camera

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Entity Description

The view of this camera entity can be output in realtime to a func_monitor's monitor surface, or alternately (using info_camera_link) to any named brush entity using the correct monitor texture. Note that only one point_camera can be active at any one time.


  • FOV
<float> Field of view in degrees. 90 is a good starting point for a decent view. Lower value is narrower and a larger value is a wider view.
  • UseScreenAspectRatio
  • fogEnable
  • fogColor
<color255> Fog Color
  • fogStart
<float> The near fog plane.
  • fogEnd
<float> The far fog/clipping plane.


  • 1: Start Off


  • ChangeFOV <string>
Changes camera's FOV over time
Format: <Target FOV> <Time>
  • SetOnAndTurnOthersOff
Turn the camera on, and turn all other cameras off.
  • SetOn
Turn the camera on.
  • SetOff
Turn the camera off.