Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II

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<Half-Life 2> Overview

Pirates, Vikings & Knights II Is a Halflife 2 Modification based on 3 teams from times past locked in a never-ending battle for wealth, dominance, and power.

PVK II pits each team against one another in a variety of different surroundings, from the frozen Viking Northlands, Medieval castles and villages, to the tropical Caribbean. Even mythical lands told of in legends. . Each team and class has their own strength and weaknesses. Vikings being more the close combat specialists, Pirates preferring quick strikes and long distance attacks, and Knights being the all around team.

Cooperation will lead you to victory and glory!

Visit the Official site at: www.pvkii.com


  • Unique Weapons- We have tried to stretch the limits of imagination within reason to come up with weapon combinations historically viable & unique, but also that would enrich game play and the players experience. These are again listed in the Weapons section for reference.
  • Special Abilities- There are special abilities unique to certain classes. Take for example the Berserker, who can at anytime go berserk by activating the special function key. These are listed in the Weapons section for reference.
  • Diverse Game Modes- We have planned out a diverse array of game modes so the player doesn’t have to keep playing through the same scenario each time. Here are a few Examples:


Booty Tag




Slay the Dragon

For full descriptions of game modes go to the Features page of the main site

Open Positions

Mappers/Level Design

If Interested, Contact: havokg2@gmail.com