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This mod for Source is no longer being developed. Download its last release here.


Perfect Dark: Source

It is the result of a common passion... Player yesterday, creator tomorrow... The concept of this game is the dream of all fanatic players... We are making this MOD for our pleasure, And without doubt for you!


  • OLD ANTOLOGIC MAPS (Felicity, Temple, Complex)
  • Original Maps.
  • Awesome weapons!
  • King of the Hill, Team Death Match, Pop a cap, etc game-modes...


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Because the Skedars were critically hit on their main planet, they have a strong desire to take vengeance. Weakened by the attacks of the Humain/Maïan collaboration, they had to wait on the secondary planets they conquered to renew their force, something that wouldn't have been possible without the help of a mysterious ally...

What the Humans still ignore is the real link between the maïan's world and their. In 2024, one year after the victory of the Humain/Maïan collaboration, an alliance was officially established between the two races to share their power and resources to better fight the remaining skedar planets, but also to preserve a comfortable environment for their respective civilization.

The night before that glorious day, which took place on Earth for practical and security reasons, you could feel a nervous tension. The Humans had to guarantee a flawless protection, because in every race there are opponents that could manifest themselves.

When everything seemed ready, something bad happened, the Maïan escort going to Earth never arrived. It disappeared a few kilometers before reaching its destination, surrounding an area where Jonathan Dark also disappeared three months ago.

For the institute, there is no doubt that the nonconformists are the cause of that story, maybe even the Skedars. But what happened exactly?

It's what you'll need to discover, Agent Dark.


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