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Monday, November 6 2006 - PayPal Preview

Beginning today, it's possible to buy games on Steam using PayPal. This will allow many of our customers who don't have access to a credit card to purchase games on Steam.

What does "Preview" mean?

This preview release of PayPal on Steam is not being made available by default to all users because initially we want the overall number of transactions to be small. This lets us hand inspect every transaction and lets our support team interact individually with each PayPal customer.

As with all Steam transactions, all purchases are final and are subject to the terms of the Steam Subscriber Agreement.

During the preview, the new PayPal features are available in the English language only. Other languages will be available later.

How do I access the preview and use PayPal to buy games?

In order to run the PayPal preview, you'll need to run Steam from a command line, adding the following parameter.

steam.exe -paypal

What if I experience a problem?

During the preview, please use the "Contact Billing" page on the Steam support site for all PayPal-related issues. To initiate a support ticket, please click on "Ask a question" and mention "PayPal" in the subject of your query.


During the preview, this page will be used for announcements. If you don't need individual support but would like to comment on any part of the PayPal functionality, you may use the "Discussion" tab, above. Please note that individual support requests can only be served if made through the Support link, above.