Inherit Attribute From Parent Particle

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Generic Operator Options

Inherit Attribute From Parent Particle

For a child particle system, inherits attributes from those of the parent particles. This is useful for having children locked explicitly in space to the parents or matching their radius/alpha/color. Generally some multiple of child/parent particles must be used here or the they will not remain "aligned". So if the parent has 50 particles, the child also having 50 will work fine, as they'll all match up every frame. The child could also have 25 and have a Particle Increment Amount set to 2. It is often useful to combine this with the Inherit Initial Attribute Initializer for setting things like Life Duration, so parent and child particles, even if random in the parent, match and particles die simultaneously, thus keeping the correct pairing.

Inherited Field
The attribute to copy from the parent particle.
A multiplier on the parent value. So for example, the child particle could have 2x the radius or 1/2 the alpha of the parent particle.
Random Parent Particle Distribution
If set, rather than linearly matching particles, a random parent particle will be selected.
Particle Increment Amount
The number of parent particles to count each time for inheriting. Useful if the child system has 1/2 or 1/4 the number of particles, for example.