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== External links ==
== External links ==
* [http://technofovea.com/blog/projects/packbsp PackBsp author site]
* [http://technofovea.com/blog/projects/packbsp PackBsp author site]
* [http://www.therazzerapp.com/tools/packbsp.html PackBsp 2.0.5] Download @ TheRaZZeRApp
== Issues ==
== Issues ==

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PackBsp is an open-source developer tool that automatically analyzes a map and discovers its network of dependencies, such as artistic assets, and packs them into the BSP file. It is currently under active development by the author.

For example, your map may have a custom model in it. PackBSP will analyze the model to find all the files and materials it uses, and then analyze those to find gibs or textures, etc. until everything has been explored. It will compare these files against what exists in GCF/NCF files so that only the custom content you really need is included in the map, and can show you when needed content is missing.

Packbsp screen01.png


  • Detects engines and games the same way the Source SDK launcher does.
  • Autodetects the relevant GCFs for a game and examines their contents.
  • Uses the same data Hammer does (FGDs) to intelligently detect uses of textures, models, etc. in your map.
  • Packs custom skybox textures and detail sprites.
  • Examines VMT files and understands a wide variety of dependencies, such as bumpmaps, env-maps, patch shaders, etc.
  • Handles map-specific particle manifests.
  • Handles custom soundscapes.

Eventual plans

  • Support for Left 4 Dead series, Alien Swarm
  • Support for Macs

External links


If the .bsp map has .mp3 sound files "Packbsp" will list it as "sound-name.mp3.wav"

"Packbsp" does not understand if the .bsp has a sprite with ".spr" E.G. materials/sprites/sprite-name.spr

The "Remove Selected" button is bugged and will not always remove the item that is highlighted.

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