Outbreak: Condemned

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This mod for Source is no longer being developed.


Outbreak: Condemned is a total-conversion modification built on Valve's Source Engine and based on the Resident Evil Universe.

Outbreak: Condemned is a Single-player modification, that brings the amazing world of Resident Evil to Valve's Source engine. In Outbreak: Condemned you play as a waitress at a café in Raccoon City. You start off in the bathrooms of the café after witnessing a violent attack on one of your customers by another citizen. When you go outside of the bathrooms, you begin to realize that all of Raccoon City is having the same problem: An Outbreak.

In Outbreak, you will find that this is different from your average Resident Evil modification. We have added brand new features, characters and have written an entire storyline to make this Total Conversion Modification come to life.


Currently Outbreak: Condemned is not available to download.

Team Members

Outbreak: Condemned is created by an indie studio by the name of "Shadowcast Studios". Here is a list of our members:

  • Shane Murphy: Modification Leader / Lead Modeler
  • Scott Baker: Lead Level Designer
  • Cris Thompson: Level Designer
  • Rusty: Character Texture Artist
  • Killer89: Level Designer.
  • Bob Jacobs: Texture Artist
  • Gareth "Garfusa2" : Story Developer
  • Lucas Nolan "Stopmoclay" Synnott: Story Developer / Voice Actor
  • Jack Burton: Voice Actor

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