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The Orange Box engine branch was released in 2007 with the Orange Box (Ep2, Portal, TF2). It existed side-by-side with the Left 4 Dead branch until 2011, when it was obsoleted by the release of Portal 2.

The OB builds on the original HL2 branch, requiring its content installed to work.


There are actually three Orange Box branches, referred to in the SDK Launcher as Source '2007', '2009' and 'MP'. The 2009 and MP branches do not have a different feature set, but are incompatible with 2007 due to various under-the-bonnet changes (which include a different SteamID scheme and Mac OS X compatibility).


New since the Episode One branch is:


Logic, rendering and audio have been threaded for performance gains in multi-core environments.
Soft particles
An all-new, artist-driven particle system.
Shadow mapping
A modern dynamic lighting and shadowing technology.
Alpha to coverage
Vector-like edges to raster images, fast.
Self-shadowing bump maps
For a more realistic illusion of a 3D surface.
Automatic displacement texturing
Avoids ugly stretching.
Maplist Thumbnails
A console-oriented server browser UI.
Xbox 360 support
Of little use to modders, needless to say!


Mac OS X support
Source code is probably not going to be released to mod authors.


Source 2007

Gamecode for the 2007 branch is included in the SDK.

Source 2009

2009 source code is not available.

Source Engine MP