Npc soldier assault

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An npc_soldier_assault prefab.

A prefab located in the Prefabs HL2 folder, containing a script setup that will handle an assault of a squad of four Combine soldiers.

This prefab contains the following:

  • Four npc_combine_s NPC templates (numbered from 1 to 4), to be used as the assaulting squad.
  • A point_template entity to spawn them.
  • A logic_relay entity that when triggered will trigger the spawning and assault.
  • An ai_goal_assault entity that will make the spawned soldiers proceed to their designated assault_rallypoints, and then proceed to their assault_assaultpoints as the assault commences.
  • Four assault_rallypoint positions.
  • Four assault_assaultpoint positions.

Fixing this prefab

This prefab doesn't work properly as it is because of misuses of wildcards.

Locate the ai_goal_assault entity, and do the following:

  1. Change Rally Point Set from soldier_assault1_rally3* to soldier_assault1_rally*.
  2. Change Actor(s) to affect from soldier_assault1_soldier1* to soldier_assault1_soldier*.

Also, the "&i" tokens in the Squad Name value of the npc_soldier_s doesn't work, so if you intend to use multiple sets of this prefab in a map, you should change soldier_assault&i_squad to something different for each assault squad to prevent them from communicating visuals with eachother.