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Revision as of 20:08, 9 November 2020 by Wolfcl0ck (talk | contribs) (Hover turrets will switch between 4 skins depending on different stimuli, and different colors corresponding to the 4 different portal 1 cores appear glowing from their eyes, meaning they were more than just the curiosity core.)
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Portal 2 npc_hover_turret is a point entity available in Portal 2 .

Entity description

It is an enemy cut from the game. It was supposed to look like the 4 cores from Portal 1, but has no in-game model. The coded model name is "models/npcs/hover_turret.mdl".

It shoots lasers at you. They act like Discouragement Beams. When they turn yellow, it sees you.

Adding them to the game: See here.

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