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Entity Description


Dog is one of the main characters introduced in Half-Life 2 and is described by Alyx Vance as being built by her father, Eli Vance, to protect her after the events at Black Mesa. For more information please see the character page for Dog.





  • SetPickupTarget <string>
Sets the target entity for d0g to pickup.
  • StartCatchThrowBehavior <string>
Tells d0g to start playing with the player. You can pass in the name of the object you want him to play with otherwise he'll find the closes phys_object.
  • StopCatchThrowBehavior <string>
Stop the catch and throw behavior.
  • PlayerPickupObject
Tells d0g the physgun just picked up an object.
  • StartWaitAndCatch
Tells d0g to wait for the player to throw an object at him.
  • StopWaitAndCatch
Tells d0g to stop waiting for the player.
  • SetThrowArcModifier <float>
Used to pass in a modifier for d0g's object flight arc.
  • SetThrowTarget <string>
Set d0g's throw target (pass in !player if you want the player)


  • OnDogThrow
Fires when d0g throws an object.
  • OnDogPickup
Fires when d0g picks up an object.
  • OnDogCatch
Fires when d0g catches an object.