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Entity Description


Dog is one of the main characters introduced in Half-Life 2. Dog can play fetch and pick up things.

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  • SetPickupTarget <target_destination>
Sets the target entity for Dog to pickup.
  • StartCatchThrowBehavior <target_destination>
Tells Dog to start playing with the player. You can pass the name of the object you want him to play with, otherwise he'll just use the closest phys_object.
  • StopCatchThrowBehavior <target_destination>
Stop the catch and throw behavior.
  • PlayerPickupObject
Tells Dog the physgun just picked up an object.
  • StartWaitAndCatch
Tells Dog to wait for the player to throw an object at him.
  • StopWaitAndCatch
Tells Dog to stop waiting for the player.
  • SetThrowArcModifier <float>
Used to pass in a modifier for Dog's object flight arc.
  • SetThrowTarget <target_destination>
Set Dog's throw target (pass in !player if you want the player)
Turn Dog's bone followers off
Turn Dog's bone followers on


  • OnDogThrow
Fires when Dog throws an object.
  • OnDogPickup
Fires when Dog picks up an object.
  • OnDogCatch
Fires when Dog catches an object.

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