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Entity Description

Combine Gunship - click to enlarge.


Dedicated Console Variables

  • sk_gunship_burst_size
<integer> Fire off this many bullets in a burst
  • sk_gunship_burst_min
  • sk_gunship_burst_dist
  • sk_gunship_health_increments
<integer> Number of times the gunship must be struck by explosive damage
Multiplied for skill settings
  • g_debug_gunship
<choices> Debug type
Literal Value Description
0 Disabled
1 Leading
2 Path
3 Stitching
  • sk_npc_dmg_gunship
<float> Used by ammotype "CombineCannon"
  • sk_npc_dmg_gunship_to_plr
<float> Used by ammotype "CombineCannon"



  • 1 : Wait Till Seen
  • 2 : Gag (No IDLE sounds until angry)
  • 4 : Fall to ground (unchecked means *teleport* to ground)
  • 8 : Drop Healthkit
  • 16 : Efficient - Don't acquire enemies or avoid obstacles
  • 32 : No Rotorwash
  • 64 : Await Input
  • 128 : Wait For Script
  • 256 : Long Visibility/Shoot
  • 512 : Fade Corpse
  • 1024 : Think outside PVS
  • 2048 : Template NPC (used by npc_maker, will not spawn)
  • 4096 : No ground attack
  • 8192 : Don't drop weapons


  • OmniscientOn
Gunship knows target's location even when target is out of sight or behind cover
  • OmniscientOff
Gunship relies on normal sight functions to locate target
  • BlindfireOn
Gunship will fire at an unseen target, attempting to punch through to them
  • BlindfireOff
Gunship only fires at visible target
  • SetPenetrationDepth <float>
Set penetration depth of bullets
  • SetDockingBBox
Shrink Bounding Box
  • SetNormalBBox
Set Bounding Box to normal size
  • EnableGroundAttack
Allow the gunship to use its ground attack
  • DisableGroundAttack
Don't allow the gunship to use its ground attack
  • DoGroundAttack <string>
Causes the gunship to execute its ground attack
  • BecomeInvulnerable
Stops the gunship from taking damage, but still makes sounds effects
  • BecomeVulnerable
Makes the gunship act normally to damage
  • EnableRotorSound
  • DisableRotorSound


  • OnFireCannon
Fires when the gunship fires a cannon round
  • OnFirstDamage
Fired when the first damage is done to the gunship.
  • OnSecondDamage
Fired when the second damage is done to the gunship.
  • OnThirdDamage
Fired when the third damage is done to the gunship.
  • OnFourthDamage
Fired when the fourth damage is done to the gunship.


A gunship can be directed to crash at a certain spot when destroyed, by use of an info_target_gunshipcrash entity.

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