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[http://www.sourcemapping.org/akg/tutorials/wiseNPC07.asp Example of Soldier Drop]
[http://www.sourcemapping.org/akg/tutorials/wiseNPC07.asp Example of Soldier Drop]

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Entity Description

Combine Dropship - click to enlarge.


Dedicated Console Variables

  • g_debug_dropship
<choices> Draws boxes for debugging certain events
Literal Value Description
0 Disabled
1 Takeoff?
2 Landing?
  • sk_dropship_container_health
  • sk_npc_dmg_dropship
<integer> Dropship container cannon damage


  • LandTarget
<target_destination> Land target name
  • GunRange
<float> If the dropship's carrying a crate with a gun on it, it'll only shoot targets within this range.
  • NPCTemplate
<target_destination> Name of Template NPC 1
  • NPCTemplate(2-6)
<target_destination> Name of Template NPC (2-6)
  • Dustoff(1-6)
<target_destination> Name of dustoff point for NPC (1-6)
  • APCVehicleName
<target_destination> Name of the APC to drop
  • Invulnerable
  • CrateType
Literal Value Description
-3 Jeep (No crate)
-2 APC (No crate)
-1 Strider (No crate)
0 Roller Hopper
1 Soldier Crate
2 None
<target_destination> If this dropship drops any rollermines due to the 'DropMines' input being fired, it will use this template for the rollermines it creates. If left blank, ordinary rollermines will be dropped.


  • 32768 : Wait for input before dropoff


  • LandLeaveCrate <integer>
Land, drop soldiers, and leave the crate behind. Specify the number of troops to drop off in the parameter.
  • LandTakeCrate <integer>
Land, drop soldiers, but don't leave the crate behind. Specify the number of troops to drop off in the parameter.
  • DropMines <integer>
Drop Rollermines. Specify the number of mines to drop in the parameter.
  • DropStrider
Drop the Strider you're carrying. Now.
  • DropAPC
Drop the APC you're carrying. Now.
  • Pickup <target_destination>
Pickup an entity.
  • SetLandTarget <target_destination>
Set my land target name.
  • SetGunRange <float>
Set my crate gun's range.
  • EnableRotorSound
Turns on rotor sounds
  • DisableRotorSound
Turns off rotor sounds
  • StopWaitingForDropoff
Stop waiting for the dropoff. Dropoff as soon as possible.


  • OnFinishedDropoff
Fires when the dropship has finished a dropoff.
  • OnFinishedPickup
Fires when the dropship has finished a pickup.
  • OnCrateShotDownBeforeDropoff <float>
Fires when the container was shot down before it dropped off soldiers. The parameter contains the number of soldiers that weren't successfully dropped off.
  • OnCrateShotDownAfterDropoff
Fires when the container was shot down after it dropped off soldiers.

See Also

Example of Soldier Drop

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