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Entity Description

Combine Soldier
Combine Elite Soldier

This entity is a Combine soldier. It comes in several variants: Regular, Nova Prospekt, and Elite.

Note.png Note: If the "Elite" model is chosen, then the NPC must be equipped with the AR2.
Note.png Note: Although the Stunstick is a selectable weapon, there is a bug that renders it useless in combat. None of the three soldier variants have animations for this weapon, and they will merely stand in place instead of attacking the player.

Dedicated Console Variables

  • sk_combine_s_health
<integer> A Combine soldier's spawn health
  • sk_combine_s_kick
<integer> Melee damage


  • waitingtorappel
<boolean> If set, this NPC spawns suspended in air and awaits a BeginRappel input. It will then spawn a zipline and slide down. When it hits the ground, NPC will cut away the line and try to move forward a few feet to make room for the next NPC. The NPC will not attempt to clear its landing space if it cannot do so by taking a few steps forward
  • additionalequipment
<choices> Weapons
Literal Value Description
weapon_ar2 AR2"
weapon_shotgun Shotgun
weapon_smg1 SMG1
weapon_stunstick Stun Stick
0 Nothing
  • NumGrenades
<integer> Number of Grenades
Use 999999 for unlimited
  • model
Literal Value Description
models/combine_soldier.mdl Regular Soldier
models/combine_soldier_prisonguard.mdl Nova Prospekt Soldier
models/combine_super_soldier.mdl Elite Soldier
<boolean> If set, soldier will pressure the enemy (Keep advancing).


  • 65536 : Start LookOff
Used when only what combine to react to what the spotlight sees


  • BeginRappel
  • LookOn
Look normally
  • LookOff
Don't look for myself, use other squad member's eyes
  • StartPatrolling
Patrol whenever I'm idle or alert.
  • StopPatrolling
Stop patrolling when I'm idle or alert.
  • ThrowGrenadeAtTarget <target_destination>
Throw a grenade at the specified target.


  • OnRappelTouchdown
Fires when done rappeling

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