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==See Also==
==See Also==
[[Category:Entities]] [[Category:NPCs]]
[[Category:Entities]] [[Category:NPCs]]

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Entity Description

Combine Security Camera

A ceiling-mounted camera; the more popular cousin of npc_turret_ceiling. A "glow" sprite, initially green, is attached to the rotating camera portion, and changes colors if it detects enemies within its radius. (specified below)



<integer> The camera will only lock onto enemies that are within the inner radius.
  • outerradius
<integer> The camera will flash amber when enemies are within the outer radius, but outside the inner radius.
  • minhealthdmg
<integer> Min req'd damage for hurting camera
  • defaulttarget
<target_destination> The default target is the entity that the camera follows when it has no other target to track.


  • 1 : Wait Till Seen
  • 2 : Gag (No IDLE sounds until angry)
  • 4 : Fall to ground (unchecked means *teleport* to ground)
  • 8 : Drop Healthkit
  • 16 : Efficient - Don't acquire enemies or avoid obstacles
  • 32 : Always Become Angry On New Enemy
  • 64 : Ignore Enemies (Scripted Targets Only)
  • 128 : Start Inactive
  • 256 : Long Visibility/Shoot
  • 512 : Fade Corpse
  • 1024 : Think outside PVS
  • 2048 : Template NPC (will not spawn, used by npc_template_maker but not point_template)
  • 4096 : Do Alternate collision for this NPC (player avoidance)
  • 8192 : Don't drop weapons


Disables the camera. If open, the camera closes.
  • Enable
Enables the camera. If closed, the camera opens.
  • Toggle
Toggle - If open, close. If closed, open.
  • SetAngry
Causes the camera to become angry as if it has seen something to get angry about.
  • SetIdle
Causes the camera to calm down if it is angry.


Fired when the player is spotted within the inner radius
Fired when a non-player enemy is spotted within the inner radius.

See Also


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