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Portal 2 npc_combine_advisor_roaming is a point entity available in Portal 2 .

Bug.png Bug: This entity was defined in the FGD but not implemented by the engine.

Advisor, as seen in Episode Two

Entity Description

A Combine Advisor. It has multiple attacks that can be triggered by input or, possibly, AI. This particular entity appears in no released games, however, variants have appeared in the previous Half-Life games, such as npc_advisor, prop_dynamic, and generic_actor.

Note that, although this entity appeared in the Portal 2 mapping tools (it was removed in an update on 28 May 2011), it will not spawn in the game. A theory is that this entity was left over from the Episode Three mapping tools, however, it has yet to be confirmed.

The entity appeared to function similarly to a gunship, being based on CBaseHelicopter and having a crash target entity.

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