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Entity Description

Entity Name: npc_citizen

The downtrodden citizens of City 17.


  • additionalequipment
<choices> Weapons - Allows any weapon
Pick one that is made to function for NPCs
Literal Value Description
weapon_smg1 SMG1
weapon_ar2 AR2
weapon_stunstick Stun Stick
weapon_crowbar Crow Bar
weapon_shotgun Shotgun
weapon_beerbottle Beer bottle
weapon_beerbottle2 Beer bottle2
weapon_rpg RPG
0 Nothing
  • ammosupply
<choices> Ammo to Resupply (if spawnflag set)
Literal Value Description
Pistol Pistol
SMG1_Grenade SMG1 Grenade
Buckshot Shotgun"
Grenade Grenade
XBowBolt Crossbow Bolt
  • ammoamount
<integer> Amount of ammo to give
  • citizentype
Literal Value Description
0 Default
1 Downtrodden
2 Refugee
3 Rebel
4 Unique
  • expressiontype
Literal Value Description
0 Random
1 Scared
2 Normal
3 Angry
  • model
Literal Value Description
models/humans/group01/male_01.mdl Male 1
models/humans/group01/male_02.mdl Male 2
models/humans/group01/male_03.mdl Male 3
models/humans/group01/male_07.mdl Male 4
models/humans/group01/male_08.mdl Male 5
models/humans/group01/male_09.mdl Male 6
models/humans/group01/female_01.mdl Female 1
models/humans/group01/female_02.mdl Female 2
models/humans/group01/female_03.mdl Female 3
models/humans/group01/female_04.mdl Female 4
models/humans/group01/female_06.mdl Female 5
models/humans/group01/female_07.mdl Female 6
models/humans/male_cheaple.mdl Cheaple Male 1
models/odessa.mdl Odessa. DO NOT USE.
  • ExpressionOverride
<string> Facial expression override
  • notifynavfailblocked
<boolean> Fire output when Nav is blocked?


  • 65536 : Follow player on spawn
  • 131072 : Medic
  • 262144 : Random Head
  • 524288 : Ammo Resupplier
  • 1048576 : Not Commandable
  • 4194304 : Random male head
  • 8388608 : Random female head
  • 16777216 : Use RenderBox in ActBusies


  • SetExpressionOverride <string>
Set facial expression override
  • StartPatrolling
Patrol whenever I'm idle or alert.
  • StopPatrolling
Stop patrolling when I'm idle or alert.
  • SetCommandable
Make a previously uncommandable citizen commandable
  • SetMedicOn
Set the medic flag on. Will not change the model or skin of the citizen.
  • SetMedicOff
Set the medic flag off. Will not change the model or skin of the citizen.
  • SetAmmoResupplierOn
Set the ammo-resupplier flag on. Will not change the model or skin of the citizen.
  • SetAmmoResupplierOff
Set the ammo-resupplier flag off. Will not change the model or skin of the citizen.
  • SetReadinessLow
Set readiness to calmest state (Bored)
  • SetReadinessMedium
Set readiness to moderate (Alert)
  • SetReadinessHigh
Set readiness to highest. (Combat imminent)
  • LockReadiness <float>
Lock readiness at current setting for x seconds -1 = forever, 0 = unlock now


  • OnJoinedPlayerSquad
Fires when joins player squad
  • OnLeftPlayerSquad
Fires when leaves player squad (doesn't include death or deletion)
  • OnFollowOrder
Fires when ordered to follow player
  • OnStationOrder
Fires when ordered to a location by player
  • OnPlayerUse
Fires when a player +USEs the citizen
  • OnNavFailBlocked
Fires when this Citizen's movement fails because he/she is blocked.