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* '''OnSummon'''
* '''OnSummon'''
: Antlion guard is attempting to summon antlions
: Antlion guard is attempting to summon antlions

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Entity Description

Antlion Guard - click to enlarge.
Template:Ep1 add - click to enlarge.

The cavern guard does not charge or roar and predicts where the player will be for melee attack. Template:Npcnote

Dedicated Console Variables

  • sk_antlionguard_health
<integer> An antlion guard's spawn health
  • sk_antlionguard_dmg_charge
  • sk_antlionguard_dmg_shove
  • sk_antlionguard_dmg_take_scale


  • startburrowed
  • allowbark
<boolean> Cavern Guard
<boolean> Use Cavern Behavior


  • 65536 : Create server-side ragdoll on death
  • 131072 : Use inside footsteps


  • Unburrow
Unburrow from the ground
  • SetShoveTarget <target_destination>
Sets a shove target to attack
  • SetChargeTarget <target_destination>
Sets a charge target to attack
  • ClearChargeTarget
Clear the charge target
  • Ragdoll
Causes the antlion guard to die, regardless of health
  • EnableBark
Allow the antlion guard to try and summon antlions
  • DisableBark
Stop the antlion guard from trying to summon antlions
  • StopInvestigating
Stop trying to sniff out the player


  • OnSeeHiddenPlayer
Fires when the current enemy is seen while trying to hide
  • OnSmellHiddenPlayer
Fires when the current enemy is smelled while trying to hide
  • OnSummon
Antlion guard is attempting to summon antlions

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