Npc antlion

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Entity Description


Antlions can burrow, jump, and fly. The player can command up to 4 antlions at a time, provided that the correct env_global variable is set and weapon_bugbait is equipped. Their most common role in level design is that of cannon fodder.



  • startburrowed
  • radius
<integer> Alert Radius
  • eludedist
<integer> Distance until eluded - Only available when Burrow When Eluded is flagged"
  • ignorebugbait


  • 65536 : Burrow when eluded
  • 131072 : Use Ground Checks


  • Unburrow
Unburrow from the ground
  • Burrow
Burrow into the ground
  • FightToPosition <string>
Fight to position
  • EnableJump
Allow non-navigational jumping
  • DisableJump
Disallow non-navigational jumping
  • IgnoreBugbait
Ignore bugbait
  • HearBugbait
Hear bugbait


  • OnReachedFightGoal
Fires when the antlion reaches his specified fight-to location