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[[Category:HL2 Third Party Mods]]
[[Category:HL2 Third Party Mods]]

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This mod for Source is unrecognised status!.


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Please see one of our Red Cross stations or a FEMA tent for blood analysis and care rations. It is important that you eat substantially and relax; you have been through a tramautic event and must take time to let your body recooperate from your ordeal. If you feel overwhelmed with what transpired, a military psychologist will assist you. Due to the nature of the contagion, your clothes and all personal effects on you at the time must be incinerated. You will be compensated at a later time.

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In order to ensure your survival, we strongly advise you to NOT leave your current location. Barricade all doors and windows and stay put and quiet. If you are forced to move to another location, carry a form of weaponry to defend yourself against any of the aflicted. A solid blow to the head or neck will permanently disable most attackers. If you are attempting escape from the city, move in a northern direction, as you are more likely to be picked up by FEMA choppers near the city limits.

Nowhere is a small single-player HL2 mod, under development by Matt Burdette, about an everyday citizen thrust into a city under siege by mysterious forces. Gameplay is oriented more around a survival theme, however, plenty of combat is still involved. It is currently being worked on religiously, and should see release at the end of Summer 2006.

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