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== Introduction ==
== Introduction ==

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Half-Life 2 Nazi Germany is at war with United Kingdom and France. One by one European countries fall under German command. On the 9th of April 1940 the war reached Norway and Denmark. Denmark surrendered within hours, but the fighting in Norway continued. It would seem that the Norwegian resistance was tougher then suspected, and the fighting continued for 2 months until the Norway surrendered. But small operations kept on and the Germans lost many men due to intense sabotage missions.


-Body Awareness System - Everything you do, everywhere you go is affected by your body model. If you stand infront of a table and move your Krag Jörgensen rifle over the table, the objects on the table will be pushed just like in real life. If you walk on a plank looking down your legs and one of your feet steps off the plank you'll fall. Body Awareness System means total realism!

-Amazing storyline based on both real and made up operations - Play as one of the soldiers who blew up the heavy water plant at Rjukan in Operation Gunnerside which prevented Hitler from obtaining an atomic bomb.

Help stop the German advance on the royal family at Midtskogen.

-Ironsights - Crosshairs are not from the real world. To ensure optimal realism you'll aim not with a crosshair, but with the ironsight on your weapon itself!


Amazing battles

  • If you're near a explosion i.e if you're fired upon by artillery or near a grenade you'll be pounded to the ground and your viewpoint will shake.
  • A hand grenade has clusters. When it explodes you may risk being hit by them just like in real life!
  • Bullets will ricochette meaning the bullets will sometimes bounce off walls.
  • If an enemy throws a grenade at you or if you by mistake drop your own, you can throw it back at the enemy!
  • Put on a bayonet and stab the enemy!

These are just some of the features we intend to have in the game! Stay tuned as more features will be announced!

Other Information

Some of the pictures are work in progress

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