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noclip, also known as fly and ghost, is a cheat that disables the effect of gravity and makes the player nonsolid (although still vulnerable to death). This allows the player to glide freely through the world.

Warning: Noclipping absurdly far outside the map causes a crash. This may also occur if sv_noclipspeed is set too high.

Note:Floating point inaccuracies on all model vertices will be exaggerated as the player travels farther from the map's origin.

Server variables

  • hap_noclip_avatar_scale To do: ?
  • sv_noclipspeed - The maximum speed the player can move during noclip. Default 5.
  • sv_noclipaccelerate - The speed at which the player accelerates to sv_noclipspeed. Default 5.
  • sv_specnoclip - If spectating players are allowed to noclip around to anywhere in a map.
  • sv_noclipduringpause - If set, player can noclip while the game is pauseed. Bugged in some games.