No More Room in Hell

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This MP mod for Half-Life 2 has been released! Download it now.


Title No More Room In Hell
Developer NMRiH Team
Initial Release 10/31/2011
Genre Survival Action game
Mode Multiplayer
Ratings ESRB: Mature 17+ (M)
Platform PC

System Requirements

  • 2GHz Dual Core processor
  • 2048MB RAM
  • DirectX 9+ GPU with at least 512MB VRAM
  • Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Broadband Internet connection



No More Room in Hell (NMRiH for short) is a survival horror modification for Half-Life 2. It will feature support for 8 unaffiliated human players who must cooperate or die against waves of NPC Zombies. It has been in development for several years (and later fully restarting from scratch in 2009) and was first released on October 31st, 2011.


The mod currently has two game modes; Survival and Objective.

The survivors (players) find themselves in dire straights as they are pitted against a seemingly endless horde of zombies. A survivor's worst nightmare, they must barricade and defend their hideout. Depending on the scenario and the skill level of the survivors, their ultimate fate will either lead to salvation (extraction) or an inevitable demise (death or the undead overwhelming the hideout). This gameplay mode is not for the lone-wolf player, as it will require a strong co-operative effort if the players ever hope for any chance of survival. Survival rounds may last from four to fifty minutes.
The survivors (players) have found themselves hounded wherever they go and are now on the run. As the horde of zombies close in on them they desperately seek to escape to safety. Players can either start in the same location or in different locations, depending on the map. Along the way players will need to complete objectives in order to proceed. If killed, players can respawn at certain checkpoints in the map. Regardless, the survivors will need to team up and move fast to stay one step ahead of the zombies. Escape rounds may last up to forty minutes.


Note.png Note: The map list is incomplete, more will be added as they become known.
This small strip of metropolis looms in the shadow of a central New York railway. And in those shadows are countless numbers of the infected. A light sheet of rain blankets the streets as helicopters roar in the heights. Sirens from multiple sources are wailing in the distance as if the world hasn't yet ended. The military has come and gone leaving survivors trapped in Broadway. Held up in an abandoned building across from an aged and fabled theater, the survivors wait in bleak anticipation while dead hands claw at the doors of their safe house. When it becomes clear that help is not coming, the group is faced with the terrible notion that rescue is solely up to them.
Welcome to Manhattan's Chinatown. A bustling web of city streets that inspires tourism with the charming wonders of multiculturalism. Congested in nature, the shop laden streets quickly fell to the outbreak. What little survivors made it out alive were rescued in the Wallabout Bay by the remnants of the Coast Guard. Now the dead writhe along the streets; crowds that once had a taste for the oriental now feast upon human flesh. The neon signs and paper lanterns of Chinatown give off an enchanting glow that is almost beautiful among the debris and gore. A small group of survivors in the deepest part of Chinatown took refuge in the subway. Their only chance is to leave their dank sanctuary and reach the bay in hopes of finding rescue.
On the outskirts of the city lies a cabin, home to many a drunken college party. However, instead of laughter and good times, there are now cries of pain and death. Those that have resided in the cabin before the outbreak have now barricaded themselves up onto the attic. Sooner or later, as supplies dwindle, they must make the tough call of remaining in the attic (and dying from potential starvation) or leaving their gilded cage and risking their lives in an attempt to call for help.
Survivors are trapped in a flooded area.


No More Room in Hell will feature many interesting gameplay elements:

One of several zombie models, based on team member Maxx.
1960's police car
In-game zombie and weapon models
Co-Op Gameplay
Teamwork is the key to survival against the zombies, and to this end players will be able to do everything from sharing weapons, ammo, and equipment with other survivors to working together to help barricade a building and fight off zombies. Players are not on a set team, and if they are not careful, they can be just as lethal to one another as the Zombies are to them.
New Models
A sweeping series of changes have been made to give the mod the look and feel of modern survival horror game. Players will be given access to all new weapons (melee/firearm/explosive), new equipment, new vehicles, and even new character and object models, each based on realistic expectations. What would be available to the average citizen during the outbreak? The in-game content is overwhelmingly made of custom content; from textures to props to ambient soundscapes.
Lock those doors and bolts the windows. Not enough? Don't worry players will be able to board-up windows and doors to keep the zombies out. But the question is: for how long?
Far from just the classic "Shuffler" zombies that slowly stumble towards survivors, there will also be the fast-moving "Runner" zombies as popularized in the movie, Dawn of the Dead. The fresher the infected corpse, the faster the zombie will still be able to move, but as the infection spreads so too does the rot and decay that turns the zombies into a shuffling and clawing hoard.
Zombie AI
Far from the simple Headcrab zombies of Half-Life 2 fame, the zombies in "No More Room in Hell" will possess a different set of hunting skills to bring them closer to their horror movie brethren. Zombies will hunt by hearing, sight, and smell. Zombies may have poorer eyesight than they did in life, but a player who makes noise will draw a zombie's attention and with their keen sense of smell, although working only at a short range, they can detect a player hiding nervously inside a closet or from behind a barricade.
NPC Military Personnel
At times players might encounter NPC military personnel, either National Guardsmen or Marines (or equivalent if the map is set outside of the United States). NPC soldiers have their own agendas that can sometimes even work at cross-purposes to player survival. National Guardsmen will man barricades, holding back Zombie hordes, but will fire upon the player if they come to close. Those are their orders, they can't be too careful. Marines, on the other hand, are given the orders to search and destroy... Everything. They will patrol their area, opening fire on anything that moves, acting as an even greater threat than the Zombies, forcing the player to stay out of sight.
Every zombie is infected and they carry that infection within them. The infection is passed to a survivor through a zombie's bite. A single bite is a death sentence as there is no cure, only time before the player dies and joins the ranks of the living dead. The healthier a player is, the longer they will resist the infection. As death nears a player will hear and see the symptoms marking their imminent demise.
Minimal HUD
In order to immerse players into the action many of the gauges and counters that normally clutter Half-Life 2's FPS view will be removed. Instead players will need to rely on innate skills, actions, and visual/audio cues to realize their situation.
Darkness & Light
Players will carry hand-held flashlights in addition to any weapon they might choose to hold, but should that weapon require two hands to hold, it will require the player to sacrifice using their flashlight (unless the weapon generates its own light) and dark areas become that much more menacing. Of course other players could help light the way with their flashlights...
The players are survivors, not trained marksmen or combat specialists, and as such their aims are natural and unskilled. When you fire it is down the length of the barrel of your gun. Also, the less time taken to brace for your shot, the sloppier your aim will be over longer distances.
Whether exotic, countryside, urban, or just down the block, players will find themselves in a wide variety of locations from around the world as they fight, or flee, from the living dead.


"4554" May 16 2008

On Friday may 16th 2008 an early test build version of NMRiH and the entire mod teams FTP files were leaked to the public. The hacker, BosmouZ, explained on the forums how he and another unnamed individual first gained access to the entire forum db though the user 3pidemic's forum account which had a very weak password of 4554. At the time 3pidemic was the mods public relations representative and had access to all sections of the NMRiH forums. BosmouZ gained FTP access through a post on the private developer sections of the NMRiH forums. He then proceed to download an old build version along with all the other files hosted on the FTP server. In April of 2008 the NMRiH forum database moved and transferred accounts to a new forum base in which the infamous 4554 password was changed, yet the damage was already done.

  • BosmouZ claimed to have access to all of the NMRiH files for four months before finally going public on May 16th.
//Quote By BosmouZ from the CS.RIN.RU forums:
"We sat on it [game files] since jan '08. since we didn't think it was decent enough to release yet. But now the time has come!"


Project Manager
Matt 'Maxx' Kazan
Matt 'Maxx' Kazan
David 'Dman757' Meade
Bryn 'TheForgotton' Schurman
Dmitri 'SoJa' Terskov
Garrett 'GDawgTUK' Lindquist
Alexander '.sverek' Honda
Voice Actors
Joseph 'Bingo Bango' Bracken
Richard 'Cleric' Heller
Lead Artist
Matt 'Maxx' Kazan
Textures, Concept Art, Particles and GUI
Joseph 'SickJoe' Gay Jr.
Kyle 'Bucky' Clark
Nicholas 'Jangalomph' Seavert
Matt 'CrazyMatt' Fagan
Alex 'CYN' R
Miguel 'Se7en' Félix
Niklas 'Slayback' Lemper
Models & Skins
Ian 'Surfa' Beecraft
Michael 'RawMeat3000' Kato
Public Relations
David 'Dman757' Meade
Chase 'Xendrid' Asch
Lead Mapper
Toni 'Sotapoika' Seppänen
Nathan 'Nay0r' Goulden
Vincent 'vincent024' Boer
Jun 'Juniez' Choi
MacKenzie Shirk
Lead Programmer
Andrew 'ssba' Orner
Brent 'Brentonator' McAhren
GCC Wrangling
James "Pongles" Mansfield
Lead Tester
Assistant Lead Euro Tester
Andrew 'ACallander' Callander
William 'Batley' Batley
Cannabis Corpse
Jeremy 'Apa/Pizzaboy/Infr4mer' Ferretti
Nick 'InZaneFlea' Eichenberg
The Reverend


Nick 'InZaneFlea' Eichenberg
Julien 'Murdok' Gagnier
Jacob 'darth_brush' Wawer
Jason 'Generalvivi' Mojica
Chris '2d-chris' Kay
Thomas 'RC' Hinding
Sander 'skoften' Ferdinand
Will 'Vilham' Josephy
Calum 'Malfuncti0n' Boyes
Ryan 'DeadHand' Maclean
Chad 'chad509' Pippenger
Rutger 'SharkDog' Weg
Kevin 'BlindSide' Sredzinski
Niklas 'NoZTriX' Hammarström
Matthew 'WrestlingMatt' DeAraujo
Javid 'Sn1pe' Ali
Conceptual Artwork
Kiung 'Kynde' Yoo
Video Teaser
Character Modeler / Skinner
Jethro 'Jister' Volders
James 'Pongles' Mansfield
Aditya 'HeavyHelmet' Gaddam
Steven 'Terrorcell' Belmans
Models & UVMaps
Level Design & Website/Forum
Models & Skins
Alexander 'LSR' Eskin
Elliot 'Meotwister' Boyette
Artis 'Machine' Lapsin
Alex 'NeoGod' Hollenbech
Dr. Robot
Voice Actors
Chris 'Captain Munky' Adams
Hermann Rauth
Dimitris Plagiannis
Vance Dylan
Richard 'Beckett' Douglas
Dave 'DaveOfDefeat' Smolanowicz
Luke 'StringedEvil' Hatton
Xerxes 'XerxZz_' Noble Dennis
David 'InstantSonic' Spencer
Jan-Kristian 'Soulspray' Koivukangas
Ryan 'Ghostie' K
Kirt 'kMoon' Moon
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