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Available attributes for marking areas in Navigation Mesh editing mode.

Attribute Name Description
AVOID Informs NPCs to avoid the area when possible.
BATTLEFIELD Marks the area in which a crescendo event is played out. This includes where the survivors can be located during the panic event and where zombie mobs should spawn. Inside of the battlefield, a BATTLESTATION should be marked to tell the survivor bots where to defend during the event.
BATTLESTATION Seems to be used to mark defense areas near crescendo events.
CHECKPOINT This is used in both the starting and ending checkpoints (safe rooms). This is how the game knows whether the survivors have left the safe room or not, and whether they have reached the end of a level or not.
CROUCH Forces the bots and infected to crouch (in order to walk under low obstacles for example). Usually automatically added by the game during a nav_analyze.
CLIFF Could be used to determine whether falling in this area triggers the hanging script that prevents survivors from falling great heights. Usually marked during automatic generation.
DOOR Marks areas in which a door is located. Usually located in door frames. Usually automatically added by the game during a nav_analyze.
EMPTY This will keep zombies from spawning in certain areas of the map. Large chunks of the level are marked empty/not-empty. I've had some trouble with it working correctly when EMPTY was not the only marking assigned to the nav area.
ESCAPE ROUTE Path that links the beginning checkpoint to the ending checkpoint or finale. Don't try to draw the escape route yourself, it won't work. You have to run the nav_analyze command and let the game find the route itself.
FINALE This area is used in the finale crescendo event. The nav areas marked FINALE are where the infected spawn and swarm from after the radio is triggered twice, areas not marked FINALE will _not_ be used by the director for spawning infected once the finale sequence has been triggered. When the survivors touch a FINALE nav-square they will announce "We're almost out of here" or similar.
JUMP (Probably not L4D Specific) One area was found in a map marked as "jump" - on top of a subway car only reachable by infected who could jump. This area likely signifies a place you must jump to somehow in order to reach.
NOT_CLEARABLE When you "look" at a nav square and clear the square of all wandering infected, infected will no longer spawn there if you come back to the area later. Usually used in areas that the survivors can't see (usually with OBSCURED) to ensure that the engine never "clears" that square (which would prevent zombies from spawning there)
NO_MOBS Don't allow mobs to spawn in the area. This isn't used very often - one location is in the "drainage" level of the Death Toll campaign. It is used in the long pipes. This forces more mobs to spawn in the top of the right-side pipe while you're inside.
OBSCURED The players cannot see this area at all (or hardly at all). The game uses these locations to spawn the massive hordes (if possible) - otherwise it will use areas that are far out of players' potentially visible sets of visleaves. (I think)
PLAYER_START This attribute is used in the exact nav mesh area(s) that the players spawn in. This appears to only be used in the very first level of each campaign - likely because after the first level it cannot be guaranteed where a player will spawn into the game (since you load relative to the landmark).
PRECISE Used for marking nav areas going through narrow pathways such as the ticket counters in the subway area of No Mercy.
RESCUE_CLOSET Marks off the location of rescue closets inside the level. Usually automatically added by the game during a nav_analyze.
RESCUE_VEHICLE This nav attribute marks the inside of a rescue vehicle, this nav will be locked until the finale sequence has been completed and the trigger_finale receives a "FinaleEscapeVehicleReadyForSurvivors" input.
STOP_SCAN This does not appear to be used.
THREAT Added automatically by the game during a nav_analyze. Special Infected like Smokers and Boomers doesn't spawn in these areas.
TRANSIENT This area may not always be navigable, as it could become blocked.

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