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Natural Selection is video game that blends first-person combat with real-time strategy. It features intense 'marines vs. aliens' teamplay, where one marine can become a Commander. The Commander plays from a top-down perspective and leads live players. Aliens can evolve upgrades like "Cloaking" and "Scent of Fear" and change lifeforms to run on walls, fly, and even devour marines whole.

Current status

The current estimate for this mod's release is scheduled to be around Fall 2009.Unknown worlds is currently taking Pre-orders for the game. You can currently buy the normal release or the "Special Edition". The normal release gives you access to the beta and full game, where as the "Special Edition" Gives you first access to the alpha, beta, and tools, as well as all black marine armor whenever you play. Currently, when the mod is finished, it will only be available from direct download from their website.


  • Dynamic Infestation: This feature allows aliens to infest hallways and areas in the marine base, turning lights off, causing marine buildings to stop working, and causing space station power failures. The infestation can be removed by the Frontiersman Flamethrower.
  • Two unique Sides to choose from: You will be able to pick the squad based tactical frontiersman, or play as the ravenous Kharaa who can morph into different forms to suit the situation.
  • Unlimited variation: The powerful scripting tools that come packaged with Natural selection 2 allow you to create new weapons, scenarios, or even completely new games.


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